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Try Our HIIT Treadmill Routine for a Super-Efficient, Fat Burning Workout

Go hard or go home. That’s pretty much the motto of HIIT—High Intensity Interval Training. This super-efficient training technique burns calories,...

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Healthy Fall Recipes to Keep You Warm This Season

Fall is the time when we want to pull on our sweaters and pull out our baking mitts to whip up some yummy treats and comfort-food for our...

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Dare to Deadlift

By Lior Barlev

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Try Team Training or Personal Training to Reach Your Goals

One of the best ways to stay motivated and reach your fitness goals is to have accountability. That can come in many forms. At The Edge, we offer...

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Sweat Your Way to Health With Our Group Fitness Classes

Switch up your workout routine with one of our group fitness classes. Group fitness classes break you out of your normal workout routine, which...

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Improve Your Health and Your Core With These Ab Exercises

Many of us strive for a more conditioned core and waist. A strong core is very important to overall physical health, not to mention, appealing to...

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Tone Your Abs With These Exercises

Six-pack abs are often the trademark of a fit and sexy body. Built abs aren’t just attractive, they’re also essential to having a strong core and...

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How Pilates Can Help With Weight Loss

Looking to increase your fitness without running long miles or doing tons of high-impact cardio? Then you have to try Pilates (pronounced ...

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Get a Killer Core with Pilates

With terms like Elephant, The 100, and Corkscrew, Pilates can seem intimidating and overwhelming. Peek into a Pilates class and it may look like a...

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