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Try the Latest Food Trend That Will Help You Trim the Fat — Meal Prepping

Meal prepping is the hottest food trend, and for good reason. (We love when it’s trendy to be healthy!) Meal prepping is simply preparing food...

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Get Trimmed and Toned with Our Group Exercise Classes

Trim and tone your way to your perfect shape with our group exercise classes. Strength training as part of your workout is essential to building...

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Burn Maximum Calories in Minimum Time in Our Group Exercise Classes

Did you know it takes 233 burpees to burn off that Starbucks Frappucino you had on your way to work? All guilt aside, sometimes life requires...

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Things to Look For When Shopping For a Gym

Have you been thinking about joining the gym? There’s so many advantages to being part of a fitness club. When you join The Edge, you aren’t...

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Get in a Fitness Routine Before the Holidays

By Kayli Tarcy

Why wait to start your fitness journey in the new year? Get ahead now, and come into the holidays and 2019 looking and feeling your...

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Top Activewear Trends for 2019

Part of going to the gym is looking and feeling your best—in fashionable and comfortable clothes. Thankfully, workout wear has come a long way....

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How Brittany Challenged Herself and Created a Healthy Fitness Lifestyle

By Brittany Nuzzaci & Alex Wetmore 

I am very appreciative and excited with my experience since I have joined The Edge Fitness Community. A few...

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The Best (and Worst) Pre-Workout Snacks

Feel the need to fuel up before hitting the gym? Wondering what you should munch on before your workout? Eating the right snacks before you...

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How Jamie Started Reaching Her Fitness Goals

By Ashley Heffern, Personal Trainer

In just under one year Jamie has overall lost 55lbs and 17% body fat! When she came to me, she was only...

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