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The Benefits of Doing Fitness with Friends

You know that exercise is good for you. But did you know that it’s better to workout with a friend? Doing fitness as part of a group gives you...

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Get Out of your Fitness Rut with Team Training

Bored with your Fitness Routine? Try Team Training

Bored of your same old gym workout? Team training can help you break out of your fitness rut...

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How to Supplement your Nutrition and Fitness Goals

Do I need supplements?

Working out and eating right can get you a long way in your fitness goals. Adding the right supplements can help fill in...

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Improve your Fitness with Quick Muscle Building Workouts

We’ve got bad news. Starting in our thirties our bodies tend to lose muscle mass as we age. As we near our forties and fifties, it increases and...

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Join The Edge Challenge and Change Your Life

Why Joining a Fitness Challenge Will Push You to Achieve More

The body achieves what the mind believes. Up until now, you’ve only been able to...

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Getting Back Into a Fitness Routine After a Break? Start Here

Have you and the gym been on a break? We get it. Life happens. Perhaps you moved and didn’t have the time to find a new gym. Maybe you had a baby...

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Things to Look For When Shopping For a Gym

Have you been thinking about joining the gym? There’s so many advantages to being part of a fitness club. When you join The Edge, you aren’t just...

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Weight Loss: should I start with a diet or exercise?

What’s the quickest path to weight loss? Changing your eating habits or working out regularly? It’s a question all of us want to know when we...

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Mastered Group Fitness? Become An Instructor!

Looking to take your fitness to the next level? You love to sweat and have been successful in achieving and maintaining your fitness goals. Now...

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Women’s Guide to Supplements

We see you working hard on your fitness goals. All the work you’re doing to stay on top of your nutrition and get in those kickbutt workouts is...

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